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The Roanak Desai Memorial Fund has been established to allow Roanak's friends and family to continue to support the organizations that Roanak supported including: Prep for Prep, the Milken Scholars Foundation, and The Trinity School. As a graduate and then mentor, Roanak gave generously to these groups, even when he was a full time graduate student. The family's goal with the fund is to honor that memory by being able to give in Roanak's name year after year. The fund is also investigating possible contributing to malaria research in Roanak's memory.

Please see the donation page on details on how to give.

Prep for prep places New York City’s most promising students of color and prepares them for placement at independent schools in the city and boarding schools throughout the Northeast. Once placed, Prep offers support and opportunities to ensure the academic accomplishment and personal growth of each one of its students.

The Milken Scholars Foundation honors exceptional young men and women based on their academic performance, community service, leadership activities and triumphs over obstacles. Milken Scholars receive financial assistance during their undergraduate careers. What makes the program truly unique is the vast array of resources provided to scholarship recipients. Milken Scholars receive ongoing career-related counseling, assistance in securing internships, opportunities for volunteer community service, and a fund to assist with the transition from college to graduate school or the world of work.

The Milken Scholars Foundation has published a touching article in memory of Roanak.

The Trinity School is an independent private school whose mission is to challenge the minds, fire the imaginations, and train the bodies of the young people who have been entrusted to it; to enlarge their spiritual lives; and to increase their capacity for mutual and self-respect. The intent is to prepare them to learn confidently for the rest of their lives and to give generously and joyfully to others.

Questions about the fund can be directed to